Tooth Fairy Pillow Kit

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This 3-piece kit is designed to include everything you need for a magical visit from The Tooth Fairy in a simple, gender-neutral design. Create smiles and memories for years to come with just one kit!


  • TOOTH-SHAPED PILLOW. The extra soft, gender-neutral pillow features a pocket in front to securely hold the child's tooth and money from The Tooth Fairy. Includes loop for an option to hang the pillow from a doorknob or hook. Pillow measures approximately 6.5" X 6.5".
  • KEEPSAKE NOTEPAD. 20 pre-printed receipts with spaces for Name, Age, Date Lost, How, Tooth Rating and Reward Issued. These receipts (left by The Tooth Fairy) make a personalized keepsake for years to come. Fits rolled in front pillow pocket. Measures 4" X 2.5".
  • FAIRY GLITTER. The Tooth Fairy can leave behind a small trail of glitter as evidence of the visit, or sprinkle some to help welcome The Tooth Fairy.